Make MIUI Smoother and Better with MemeUI Enhancer


 If you're a Xiaomi user, you've probably encountered MIUI's biggest flaw: slowness. MemeUI Enhancer is here to help. Though it may not appear to be a concern for certain users, MIUI's hefty services cause it to lag behind rivals in terms of smoothness. Today, we'll show you a module that will improve MIUI's performance by optimising these services.

What is the purpose of MemeUI Enhancer?

MIUI's core, which includes various system functions that are rarely used in everyday life, slows down the device, which the module addresses by:

  • By adjusting Core MIUI Services, MIUI is improved for greater battery backup and performance.

MIUI Daemon services are similar to MIUI Core in that they provide important services for the system to function, such as camera, apps, and so on, but they also include useless items. As a result, the module corrects this by;

  • MIUI surfaceflinger props are tuned. It disables several com.miui.daemon services that are no longer required, hence improving the overall experience.
As a result of these issues, MIUI is typically slow, jerky, and unattractive. As the module corrects these, the result is;

  • Smoother operation, longer battery life, and some temperature drop while charging and normal use.
  • Also, as it disables heavy MIUI features that run in the background, it may provide a better gaming experience (though this has not been tested).
To utilise the MemeUI Enhancer module, you'll need these.

  • Magisk Must Be Installed On MIUI 11+ Installation Guide
  • This article will show you how to install the MemeUI Enhancer module.
  • MemeUI Enhancer Magisk Module can be downloaded here (by iamlooper).
  • Magisk should now be open.

magisk modules

  • Enter modules section.
  • Tap “Install from storage”.


  • Find the module you downloaded in your files.
  • Tap to flash it.
  • Reboot.
  • You’re done! Enjoy using it now.

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