Philips External SSD 1TB review


The External SSD from Philips is a compact and lightweight storage device, but what about the price/quality ratio? You can read it in our review.

The use of electronic devices has increased significantly in recent decades. We generate countless files on our PC, but also on our smartphone and tablet, from documents to photos and music. Such files are often very personal, which is why many value protecting their files well – so that you can enjoy them over the years. This is partly why making backups is so important.

Some use online cloud storage as a backup medium. However, you can also choose to use an external hard drive or SSD, so your files will remain available even if you don't have an internet connection. Moreover, with a physical disk there is less chance that it will be hacked.

There are many Portable Solid State Drives available, including the Philips External SSD. The small and portable storage device was announced in February this year and is available in three different storage sizes: 256GB, 512GB and 1TB. LetsGoDigital has been given the opportunity to try out the 1TB variant, in this product review we go deeper into our experience with this external SSD.

Philips Portable SSD

Royal Philips feels at home in many markets. The company produces home appliances and personal care products, as well as TVs, audio and, of course, smart lighting. In addition, the company also carries storage media, including external SSDs.

The External SSD from Philips has a sleek design and a high-quality aluminum housing. It is a very small and light device (25 grams) that you can easily put in your pocket or bag. The rectangular device is 10 cm long, less than 3 cm wide and has a thickness of only 0.9 cm. The Philips Portable SSD is without a doubt one of the smallest external SSDs you can buy. The size and weight are therefore definitely a plus of this storage device.

Philips supplies a USB-C to USB-A cable as standard, so you can easily connect the device to your PC and other devices with a USB port. The portable SSD offers support for USB 3.2, so you can transfer your files relatively quickly. Of course USB 2.0 is also supported, but transferring files will take a little more time.

You can store large files 5x faster than on an external HDD. Compared to traditional HDDs, SSD also consumes less power and generates less heat. Moreover, it is less vulnerable (‘solid’) – because an SSD does not have moving parts. This is especially a great advantage if you intend to carry the device with you, for example to work.

Fortunately, a Solid State Drive is no longer as expensive as it was a few years ago, partly because of this, the use of portable SSDs has increased significantly.

Transfer files

Once you have connected the Philips portable solid state drive to a PC or smart device, you can start transferring files. Everything works very smoothly and quickly. The Philips External SSD is also whisper quiet.

The storage device is characterized by a maximum read speed of 540 MB/s and a write speed of 520 MB/s. Of course, the actual speed also depends on the USB port you use. Nevertheless, you can transfer high-resolution 4K Ultra HD videos or similar large files without any problems. The Philips SSD is compatible with Windows PCs, Mac computers, Linux and Android tablets and smartphones.

We have not been able to discover any real disadvantages with the portable SSD from Philips. This device simply does what you would expect from a storage device. Some may wish for an extra robust variant. However, for the vast majority of consumers and business people, this storage disk will provide everything they need. The slim design is ideal, as is the fast writing and reading speed and the wide compatibility with Android, Mac, Windows and Linux devices.

Buy Philips External SSD

As for the price and availability, the entry-level model with 250GB of memory is available for € 60. For 512GB of storage you pay € 83. Finally, you can opt for 1TB of storage, this model has a suggested retail price of € 155. The device comes standard with a two-year warranty.

There are also several retailers online that offer the Philips SSD a little cheaper. At the time of writing, you can buy the 1TB Portable SSD at for €130. With a duo pack you can get an extra discount, because then you pay € 248.

How much storage capacity you need is very personal. To get an idea, with the 1TB variant you can store no less than 100,000 photos or store 42 HD movies of 1.5 hours. Doesn't this tell you much? First check how much storage space is available on your PC and/or smartphone and determine which files you want to transfer. This way you can make a realistic estimate of the required storage space.

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