Apple says that Dutch dating app developers should have more payment options


 According to Apple, changes to how apps appear when using third-party payments were mandated by Dutch authorities.

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Apple detailed how dating app developers in the Netherlands can bypass Apple's in-app payment systems on Friday, a closely watched move by the iPhone maker in the face of global antitrust concerns about its control over the mobile app industry.

Apple has long required developers to use its in-app payment system, which charges up to 30% commissions, which some developers, such as Tinder owner Match Group, have argued are excessive. Last year, the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) ruled that Apple's rules in the dating app market violated Dutch competition laws, and ordered Apple to allow those developers to use third-party payment processors.

Investors are keeping a close eye on developments in the Dutch antitrust case to see how they might affect Apple's App Store revenues, which account for the majority of the company's $68.4 billion (roughly Rs. 5,347,30 crore) services business.

According to the rules, dating app developers will still be required to pay Apple commissions for sales made outside of its in-app payment system, though they will receive a small discount. Apple had previously stated that developers who paid a 30% commission rate would owe the company a 27 percent commission.

However, when certain criteria are met, such as keeping subscription customers for more than a year, some developers already pay Apple a lower 15 percent commission rate.

Apple's previous rules were unclear on whether or not those developers would receive a discount if they used third-party payment services. Apple announced on Friday that when those developers use third-party payment systems, they will be charged a 12% commission.

Apple also announced on Friday that Dutch authorities have mandated changes to the way apps appear when third-party payments are used.

Apple's system will display a message informing users that they must contact the developer if they have payment issues, such as requesting a refund. Apple had planned to include a button that would allow users to opt out of using the third-party payment option after being warned, but the iPhone maker said Friday that the button had been rejected by Dutch authorities.

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