According to reports, the Google Pixel 6a can be unlocked using unregistered fingerprints.


You may have heard us mention this before, but Google's most recent Pixel is having some problems. This time, the problems might be more significant. Reviewers have observed that the freshly released Pixel 6a's fingerprint sensor appears to be unlocking even with unregistered prints.

On YouTube, Beebom initially raised attention to the problem. Even though their thumbprints were never registered, during their testing, the Pixel 6a unlocked using the thumbprints of two other team members.

Geekyranjit on YouTube verified the findings when he demonstrated how to unlock a phone using both thumbprints even though only one was registered.

The security advantages of having a fingerprint lock on the device in the first place are obviously negated by this. The good news is that Google can probably address this in software, so it's worth keeping a watch out for that.

If you are the device's owner and concerned about security, you should probably just establish a strong passcode in the interim.

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