Apple Watch finds a rare tumour and helps users live longer


Recently, we had written about how an ice-bound river caught a woman and a kayaker, whose lives were saved by the Apple Watch. According to a new study, the company's smartwatch may have just saved another life by spotting a rare tumour.

The Cupertino-based company's smartwatch, according to a CBS Boston story, assisted in detecting a rare tumour that may have been devastating to the wearer. The 67-year-old Kim Durkee underwent surgery to remove the dangerous tumour after receiving numerous warnings from her Apple Watch. These alerts informed her that she had atrial fibrillation in her heart (AFib).

For those who don't know, this essentially indicates that the user's heart had an erratic beating. She went to a local hospital after getting notices for three nights in a row. You know what, go to the emergency room; if they tell you it's nothing to worry about, then throw the watch away, she advised herself. After conducting testing, medical professionals discovered a myxoma, a rare, rapidly growing tumour that can obstruct the flow of blood to the brain and result in a stroke.

Durkee underwent an open heart surgery for the removal of the 4 cm tumour after the diagnosis was made, taking more than 5 hours. She was prepared for hospital discharge in less than two weeks. Kim said simply, "My watch told me," when the doctors questioned her about how she discovered that she had an AFib. According to medical professionals, Kim would have definitely perished if the Apple Watch had not alerted her.

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