Introducing a new AI-based picture editing software from Samsung


Just a few months after releasing the Expert RAW camera software for Galaxy devices, Samsung is back at it with yet another intriguing photography app that is accessible in the Galaxy Store.

After releasing the Expert RAW camera software for Galaxy devices a few months ago, Samsung is back with yet another exciting photography app that is available in the Galaxy Store.

Numerous capabilities are included in the programme, including blur removal, reflection removal, resolution upscaling, detail sharpening, brightening low-light images, improving HDR impact, and moire pattern removal.

Undoubtedly, the software provides a wide variety of useful features and functionalities. Even though we've seen most of the features in various third-party applications, such as Adobe's Lightroom and Photoshop Express, having a first-party solution is always good.

The main benefit of the Galaxy Enhance-X software is that all modifications and improvements are applied to a copy of your image, effectively preventing any harm to the original image. Since this app is only accessible through the Galaxy Store, it might not be available everywhere. Additionally, prior Android devices cannot utilise it because it only functions with Android 10 phones.

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