Our YouTube channel was compromised.


Over the past several years, we have witnessed numerous instances of YouTube accounts being hacked, and today, we were the victim of a hack that occurred with other users.

Our YouTube account was hacked earlier today, and as a result, our account was eventually banned. This occurred last night while the majority of our team was asleep, but fortunately one of us was able to capture a few screenshots as evidence. However, by the time we updated it, YouTube had already blocked our account and the harm had already been done.

On our YouTube channel, 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) was set, and there are no signs that any managing accounts have been compromised either. Therefore, we are presently looking into how hackers got into our channel.

Having said that, we apologise if one of the videos you watched earlier today on our channel deceived you. The hackers employed a method that was extremely similar to what we have previously observed. With Elon Musk appearing in the video, they began a live broadcast bitcoin fundraising campaign. Several crypto-related fundraisers were also added to our channel, once again featuring Elon Musk in the thumbnail.

Although we don't believe these movies were online for long, the harm had already been done. Years of our hard work on this channel are now in jeopardy due to the ban on our YouTube account.

We've been working hard recently to add extensive evaluations and comparisons about smartphones and other products to our channel, as many of you may have seen. So it's very upsetting to realise that we might now lose all of our hard work as a result of an arbitrary hack.

Although we don't yet know how long it will take, we are already in discussions with YouTube to have our account reinstated. These requests are often processed very slowly by YouTube's support team.

Last but not least, I wish YouTube's system could be fixed to stop these hackers. Even 2FA hasn't been able to prevent YouTube account hacks, as I have observed in numerous prior instances. Clearly, YouTube needs to make big modifications to the login process if they want to guarantee the security of our accounts. The majority of YouTubers dedicate their entire lives to their platforms, spending days on each video. Therefore, it is quite unfortunate that hackers may often access this.

Having said that, I'm eager to regain access to our account and start producing videos once more. We have a tonne of intriguing films planned, but regrettably, we have no idea how long it will be before our account is restored. Hopefully it won't take too long.

We appreciate your support of Gizmochina and look forward to sharing more videos on YouTube soon. Please keep reading Gizmochina.com till then and check back for further developments regarding our YouTube channel.

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