There are plans to release a "Extreme Sports" variant of the Apple Watch later this year.


Later this year, Apple intends to introduce a new model of the Apple Watch that has reportedly been dubbed the "Extreme Sports" model.

The display will be larger than two inches diagonally, according to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. The screen area of the "Extreme Sports" model will be around 7% bigger than the largest Apple Watch currently on the market. The display will also have a resolution of approximately 410 by 502 pixels. Gurman makes the assumption that watch faces with larger screens might display more fitness measurements or information.

The "Extreme Sports" watch will also use a metal that is more powerful than aluminium and have a screen that is more resistant to damage.

The watch is also rumoured to have a larger battery to allow longer workout sessions. Better tracking capabilities, such as the ability to detect elevation changes while trekking, are predicted from the watch. Like the Apple Watch 8, the "Extreme Sports" variant is believed to be able to detect fevers by taking the wearer's body temperature.

The Apple Watch Series 8 has the ability to recognise abnormal heartbeats and potentially save lives. Later this year, the 'Extreme Sports' variant of the Apple Watch SE is anticipated to be joined by an improved version. The 1.78-inch screen size of the Apple Watch SE will remain unchanged, and the 1.9-inch diagonal screen size of the Apple Watch Series 8 will remain unchanged. It is predicted that the 'Extreme Sports' Apple Watch will cost more than the $699 ordinary stainless steel model.

Gurman claims that the S8 chip in every subsequent Apple Watch will have performance similar to the S7 chip in the Apple Watch Series 7. Apple often releases new watch models in September along with new iPhone models.

Gurman stated last year that Apple was thinking about introducing an Apple Watch with a durable cover for sports in order to compete with products from Garmin and others.

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