The status bar's battery percentage has returned in iOS 16 beta 5.

Neha Roy

 With the release of the iPhone X, Apple did away with the battery % indication in the status bar for devices with notches, but the newest iOS 16 beta 5 has brought the feature back. The battery symbol will now include a new percentage indication that displays the corresponding charge level for users. According to early users, the new battery % option is not available on the iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini, or iPhone 13 mini.

Users who wish to experience the new feature and are on the most recent iOS 16 beta should go to the settings app's battery menu and turn on the battery % toggle there. The battery icon is displayed as full on the new battery indicator until it dips to 20% or below, at which point it turns red and displays the actual charge level.

The battery symbol becomes green when the phone is charging, and the percentage figures are magnified. Additionally, some customers have complained that lighter colour wallpaper makes it difficult to view the new battery % display.

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