The WhatsApp Camera Shortcut Will Return To The Main Screen


 Today brings us yet another WhatsApp feature, this time a resurrected version of an earlier feature. Its Android app's main interface's camera shortcut will once more be usable. The much-discussed Communities tab has taken the place of the camera tab. Previously, the Communities tab took the place of the Camera tab with the WhatsApp Android beta.

The WhatsApp Camera Shortcut Returns According to the WhatsApp feature tracker WABetaInfo, an update with the version number is currently rolling out to users. According to this upgrade, the camera shortcut will return to the primary interface. The camera shortcut is reportedly located next to the search shortcut at the upper right corner of the main screen with the most recent update.

The Communities tab and the camera shortcut appear to be very important for WhatsApp based on this upgrade. The business is attempting to find room on the main interface to fit both shortcuts. The update that would reinstate the camera shortcut is still being distributed to top testers.

Additional New WhatsApp Cards Features This WhatsApp announcement was recently followed closely by the discovery of a group chat capability. According to rumours, WhatsApp is catching up to competitors like Telegram with a new feature that would enable group chats to show participants' profile images next to their messages.

Identification of individuals in sizable groups will be aided by the profile image on group chats. Notably, members won't be able to see their own pictures in the group conversation and the profile photo will only be visible for incoming messages. The function is only available in group chats; it is unclear if it will ever be available in individual chats. According to a different story, WhatsApp is developing a feature that would allow users to see their friends' statuses in the conversation list. The Android version of the app's status updates can be muted to turn it off.

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