Update to Xiaomi Game Turbo 5.0 right away by downloading it!

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 Xiaomi has formally released Game Turbo 5.0 for all supported platforms, albeit it hasn't yet reached China Beta devices for unclear reasons. We'll demonstrate how to install it on international devices, along with new features and screenshots.

Game Trubo 5.0 Update from August 26

With the August 26 update, Game Turbo version 5.0 contains fixes for previously existing bugs. Game Turbo's V220801.1.1 version has fixed issues with the window not opening during gameplay, Game Turbo crashing, and, in certain situations, screen recording.

To get Game Turbo 5.0 V220801.1.1, click this link.

Game Trubo 5.0 Updated on June 23

It appears like Xiaomi upgraded Game Turbo 5.0 and restored the colour improvement option that was absent. It essentially adds a colour filter to the game, which makes the colours look much nicer and brighter than they did previously and raises the game's overall quality.

Game Turbo 5.0: What is it?

MIUI's Game Turbo is well-known for its practical functions and has been for some time. Its goal is to improve games and make playing them more enjoyable by giving you more tools in-game without having to exit the game, such as floating windows, timers, and other features.

It appears that Xiaomi has already released Game Turbo 5.0 on the worldwide version of MIUI, as we previously wrote an article about Game Turbo 4.0 and how to install it. We'll demonstrate how to install it.

Features of Game Turbo 5.0

With the addition of a new function named "Performance Monitor," it is largely the same as the previous Game Turbo 4.0. As seen in the screenshot above, it's also used to record your FPS while you play so you can compare them after changing settings like enabling and removing performance mode. It is useful for comparing FPS to determine if there is a problem with your phone or in other situations, such as when overclocking the phone.

Install the Game Turbo 5.0 APK.

Our MIUI System Updates channel, which offers all APK files for MIUI updates, is where you can find the APK file.

A guide for installing Game Turbo 5.0

Installing it is quite simple. Simply adhere to our instructions for updating system apps. We will however walk you through the installation process step by step to make things easier.

Download the updated Security app's APK from the links below.
Find the APK file in file management by opening it. Once you've located it, tap on it.
Once the APK is installed, you're done!
I'm done now. The most recent Game Turbo 5.0 ought to be installed right now. Please refrain from attempting this in China Beta as it has been rolled out for worldwide use and could cause issues there.

Compatible Hardware for Game Turbo 5.0

All devices running the global MIUI variation are supported. We do not advise installing China Beta because it probably won't operate on devices that are not supported.

Screenshots of Game Turbo 5.0

Game Turbo 5.0 FAQ

Do I need to root Game Turbo 5.0?
Not at all, no.

Does Game Turbo 5.0 function on all platforms?
No, it should only function on gadgets running the global MIUI ROM. Here is information on changing MIUI regions.

Can I later remove Game Turbo 5.0?
Yes, you may remove Game Turbo 5.0 by removing the Security app's updates.

Is Game Turbo 4.0 a possibility?
No doubt.

Which version of Game Turbo should I use?
Except for the UI and performance monitor in Game Turbo 5.0, they are largely the same. They are identical other from that.

Performance monitor: What is it?
It's a programme that enables you to compare your FPS between the past and present. such example experimenting with a kernel or the performance mode.

Will the MIUI China ROMs receive Game Turbo 5.0?
Unfortunately, we still don't know because we don't know if Xiaomi will include it in China ROMs.

When there are fresh developments, we'll keep you updated, so pay attention and keep following us!

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