5 features of iOS 16 and iPhone 14 that Android already has


 When it comes to introducing new features to its devices and operating system, Apple might be a touch too careful at times. The iPhone 14 series and the iOS 16 operating system were recently unveiled by the business. The latter has already begun to be rolled out to older iPhone devices. The iOS 16 upgrade, as predicted, provides a slew of new features and enhancements to iPhones, which Apple touts as "revolutionary" and "groundbreaking." That may be true for the Apple environment, but there are features that have long existed on its competitor platform - Android.

While certain features, such as the all-new Dynamic Island, increased privacy and security, and the ability to operate Apple Watch through iPhone, are novel, there are others that are not.a few that Apple is claiming to be groundbreaking, but they already exist. We take a look at 5 features that Apple has recently introduced to the iPhones and iOS16 that are already present on Android devices.

Always-on display (AOD): This technology has been around since 2016.

With the Galaxy S7 series, Samsung was the first smartphone company to debut the Always-on display. Since then, the capability has been present in practically every Android smartphone, even some entry-level and low-cost models.

Apple's approach to AOD display differs from that of Android. On the one hand, Android's AOD completely turns off the display, followed by the AOD display, which only includes the clock, notification icons, and a couple of other information, whereas Apple's AOD never completely turns off the display, instead dimming it and using a 1Hz refresh rate to reduce battery consumption. It also keeps displaying the lock screen wallpaper and a few additional details.

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