According to reports, the Apple iPhone 14 Plus is the least popular model in the iPhone 14 series.


 With the announcement of the Apple iPhone 14 series, pre-orders for the next iPhone series have begun. However, the newest model, the iPhone 14 Plus, looks to be the least popular device in the current range.

Ming-Chi Kuo of TF Securities, a well-known industry expert, broke the news. He just provided an early report concerning pre-orders for the 2022 iPhone generation. According to this source, demand for the top-tier iPhone 14 Pro Max has surpassed that of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which was released last year. The iPhone 14 Pro, on the other hand, received roughly the same amount of demand as last year's iPhone 13 Pro.

However, the rating for the other two iPhone 14 series was "poor," indicating that demand for the iPhone 14 series as a whole appears to be biassed toward the more costly models rather than the more cheap ones. According to Kuo, demand for the iPhone 14 Plus is lower than that of the iPhone 13 mini last year. For those who are unaware, Apple cancelled the iPhone mini model due to low demand for the smallest flagship model.

Instead, the firm introduced the Plus model, anticipating that a larger model at a cheaper price point than the Pro versions would be more popular. However, it appears that this was not the case. The demand for the iPhone 14 Plus is so low thateven weaker than the iPhone SE 2022 model as well and accounts for just 5 percent of the total pre-orders. Meanwhile, the two Pro models make up 85 percent of the pre-orders, with the rest of the 10 percent being for the base iPhone 14.

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