China Telecom receives an exclusive Galaxy Z Fold4, Flip4 models with 16GB RAM, and new names.

Neha Roy

 Samsung debuted the Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4 in August, and the yearly editions will be available only through China Telecom. They'll have a little different design, greater RAM, and new names. The Fold will be known as the Samsung W23, while the clamshell will be known as the Samsung W23 Flip.

The Samsung W23 cellphones will be available with a gold cover and a luxury finish on the rear, as well as up to 16GB of RAM. The worldwide Fold4 features 12GB of RAM, but the Flip has only 8GB.

The W series precedes Samsung's foldable smartphones by selling custom-made clamshells at exorbitant prices.

The most expensive Galaxy Z Fold4 costs CNY15,999 ($2,280 in China), implying that the Samsung W23 would likely cost CNY16,999 (more than $2,420). The W23 Flip will cost CNY9,999 ($1,420).

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