Instagram begins testing a new function that you use on Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.


 The "reposts" feature for the feed, which has been missing from Instagram since its launch but is a crucial component of Meta's own Facebook, Twitter, and even TikTok, will soon be tested on Meta-owned Instagram. It would not, however, be accessible to everyone since Instagram intends to test this function first with a particular user base.

Social media expert Matt Navarra, who uploaded a screenshot of Adam Mosseri's Instagram profile displaying a repost tab with a symbol resembling that of Twitter's retweet, was the first to notice the "repost" option.

Later, a reverse engineer named Alessandro Paluzzi posted a portion of what appeared to be a test splash screen for the "repost" capability, emphasising what was novel about it.

Instagram advertises the "reposts" as a brand-new option to share new posts with your friends on your feed or, as always, on Stories. However, if you choose to share a post or reel on your feed again, it will show up in a different "reposts" feed to your followers, and their response to these repeated posts will be forwarded to you as a message.

Resharing a post on Instagram isn't exactly a new concept. Resharing a post, story, or video is convenient and has existed for a while.but one can not reshare a post on their feed without using a third-party app, which involves its own risk. And now that even TikTok has the feature to reshare videos, it was time for Instagram to introduce the feature.

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