Meta begins testing Community Chats in Messenger for Facebook Groups.


 Today, Mark Zuckerberg said that Meta is beginning to test Community Chats for Facebook Groups inside Messenger, which sounds a little complex, so let's break it down.

Community Chats are generally best thought of as Meta's own take on Discord. These will be accessible for Facebook Groups, and you will be able to participate using Facebook Messenger.

To quote the source, "with Community Chats, people can connect with their communities in real time around the topics they care about on both Facebook and Messenger via text, audio, and video, seamlessly blending Messenger and Facebook Groups," giving a more immediate vibe - "admins can now start a conversation about a topic and get in-the-moment responses instead of delayed responses." of waiting for people to comment on a post".

Community Chats, as hinted so far, are exclusively accessible to members of a group. Facebook offers a number of moderation features to provide a positive experience. The firm is evidently hoping that the real-time experience would entice users to use Community Chats, and if Discord is any indication, it could just succeed.

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