The concept depicts a countdown function to avoid accidental WhatsApp calls.

Neha Roy

 A idea is one of the most effective methods to give input about a new WhatsApp beta feature for Android, iOS, and Desktop. We previously presented a proposal for an improved tool to manage WhatsApp storage, and today we'd like to share our new concept with you: a countdown function to avoid accidental WhatsApp calls!

Common questionsAnswers
Name of the concept?Call countdown
Availability?This feature is not available because it is a concept.
I’ve installed the latest update of WhatsApp beta but I don’t see this feature. Why?Unfortunately, this feature is a concept made by WABetaInfo so it is not a real WhatsApp feature but we hope to see it implemented in the future.
Previous news?WhatsApp beta for iOS what’s new? WhatsApp is rolling out the ability to hide the online status!

It must have occurred to everyone to make a WhatsApp call by accident: this usually occurs when a user presses the voice or video call button within a discussion without intending to call the contact. Many users have demanded that WhatsApp introduce a confirmation notice throughout the years: in actuality, it is already present, but it only appears on the first try to conduct a WhatsApp call. In truth, it would be inconvenient to press twice to execute an operation, so every time you want to initiate a WhatsApp call, hit the call button and "yes" inside the confirmation notice. So we came up with the idea for a new WhatsApp feature called "call countdown":

Every time we place a WhatsApp call, as seen in this picture, a countdown begins: when the countdown concludes, WhatsApp may finally place the call. Because we understand that waiting for 3 seconds to place a call is also annoying, there may be some new ways to force WhatsApp to immediately start the call without waiting for the countdown: for example, when you raise the device to your ear and WhatsApp detects it thanks to the proximity sensor, WhatsApp no longer waits for the countdown to reach zero and the app immediately places the call. Because of the countdown, you can quickly end a call that you placed by mistake without telling the recipient.

As previously said, this is an idea, not a genuine WhatsApp feature that will be built for a future app update. We hope to see this feature implemented on WhatsApp at a later date because an idea is the greatest method to suggest new features for the future.

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