The Edit Tweet Feature on Twitter Has Been Officially Announced; Here's How It Works


 Popular social media site Twitter has made a significant announcement for its followers. The American tech giant revealed on September 1st that a "edit tweet" tool will soon be added to its social media platform for users this year after significant lobbying and requests from its users.

The "Edit Tweet" function, according to the company's official blog post, enables users to edit their Tweets after they have been posted. Without having to delete the entire Tweet or Twitter thread, the capability can be helpful for instances like correcting typos and adding forgotten hashtags.

Currently, a limited number of Twitter users will have access to the "Edit Tweet" capability while it is being tested internally. According to Twitter, internal testing helps the development team to incorporate feedback while identifying and resolving potential issues. This includes how people might misuse the “Edit Tweet” feature.

However, Twitter did announce that the company has plans to bring “Edit Tweet” to all of its paying Twitter Blue subscribers by the end of this month. As part of their subscription, they receive early access to features and help Twitter to test them before the features arrive on the social media platform.

Twitter explains the mechanics of the Edit Tweet feature as follows:

The first 30 minutes after a tweet is published will allow for a few edits. Edited Tweets will have an emblem, a timestamp, and a label to make it apparent to readers that they have been changed from the original Tweet. Viewers can access the Tweet's Edit History, which contains earlier iterations of the Tweet, by tapping the label.

With Edit Tweet now available, Twitter is expecting that users will find tweeting to be less intimidating and stressful. The business adds that it will closely monitor how the functionality changes how users read, write, and interact with Tweets.

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