The OnePlus Nord Watch will be out soon; will it be available at Amazon's Great Indian Festival in 2022?

Neha Roy

 The OnePlus 10R 5G Prime Blue Edition, a new smartphone from OnePlus, is about to be released. In addition, the company will release a new wearable device called the OnePlus Nord Watch. The forthcoming wristwatch will most likely include an AMOLED display, many sensors, and a low price tag.

The OnePlus Nord Watch will be available soon.

The company has officially confirmed the new smartwatch. The OnePlus Nord Watch is 'coming soon,' according to the brand, although no official release date has been announced. As part of the Nord line, the new smartwatch should be reasonably priced.

Will the OnePlus Nord Watch be available at Amazon's Great Indian Festival?

The answer to the above question is almost certainly no. While the OnePlus Nord Watch is yet to be officially announced, the firm has already launched a special homepage for it. Starting tomorrow, September 20, OnePlus will disclose features like as watch faces, display, sports modes, and more.

The teasers will run till September 28, when the Amazon Great Indian Festival 2022 will conclude. To be clear, the forthcoming Amazon sale will begin on September 23 (September 22 for Prime members), and the new OnePlus Nord Watch is unlikely to be included.

What Are the Features of the OnePlus Nord Watch?

The OnePlus Nord Watch has been the subject of several leaks and rumours for quite some time. The Nord smartwatch is expected to launch in two versions with five variations. According to reports, it will feature GPS, numerous watch faces, sports modes, and a variety of health sensors.

According to the official OnePlus Nord Watch webpage, it will have a heart rate sensor and a specific women's health tracker. According to previous reports, the OnePlus Nord Watch would have an AMOLED display with a squared dial.

According to reports, the OnePlus Nord Watch might be priced less Rs. 5,000. The price may be reduced further as a result of bank discounts and bargains, as well as the brand's first offerings. Stay tuned for additional information in the coming days.

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