The pricing of the Redmi Pad has been disclosed!

Neha Roy

 We previously reported that a new Redmi tablet will be released shortly, and now the Redmi Pad pricing has leaked on Twitter. Redmi Pad will not have a strong chipset in order to keep the price low, and it is believed to be released with MediaTek Helio G99 (MT8781) and a modified version of MIUI named "MIUI Lite."

We previously published hands-on and render shots. You may find similar articles by clicking here. Another article regarding the Redmi Pad may be found here. It's worth noting that the Redmi Pad's codename is "yunluo." Here's a first look at the forthcoming Redmi Pad.

Redmi Pad cost

He also released a marketing picture of the Redmi Pad. Kacper Skrzypek obtained the photographs from the official Xiaomi Iraq and Xiaomi Kuwait accounts, however the postings no longer appear on the accounts. The Redmi Pad is said to be on sale right now, but he couldn't find any sites that said where it might be purchased.

Kacper Skrzypek, a well-known tech writer, said on Twitter that it will cost 225 USD in Iraq and roughly 232,5 USD in Kuwait. Follow him on Twitter at @kacskrz.

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