Users claim that the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max camera setup shakes and makes noises in third-party apps.

Neha Roy

 Users of Apple's iPhone 14 Pro models have taken to Reddit to complain that the back camera arrangement on their new devices shakes violently and creates sounds. Users allege that the problem is restricted to third-party programmes and that there are no problems with Apple's official camera app. Apple has yet to fix this problem. Some people claim that this is a software issue that may be resolved with an OTA update. The majority of Reddit users indicated that the problem was most frequently seen using Instagram and Snapchat.

When using third-party applications like Snapchat and Instagram, a Reddit user stated that the rear camera arrangement on their iPhone 14 Pro Max was "shaking uncontrollably." Several other Reddit users have also highlighted the same issue with the iPhone 14 Pro on the r/iPhone forum. However, in the native camera app, the iPhone 14 Pro models appear to be functioning normally.

Because this problem only happens while using third-party apps, numerous iPhone 14 Pro owners feel it is a software issue that may be resolved with an OTA update. According to one user, third-party applications may not have been optimised for the recently launched iOS 16 on the iPhone 14 Pro models. A video attached below from YouTube shows the camera setup swaying and creating sounds, which might be caused by the moving camera sensor.

According to some Reddit users, the iPhone 14 Pro camera faults might also be due to the optical image stabilisation (OIS). When a user's hand shakes, the function helps to stabilise the video. Apple has yet to solve the problem. If there is a hardware fault, customers of the iPhone 14 Pro models may have to return their freshly acquired devices to get it repaired. Gadgets 360 contacted Apple for comment and will update this article whenever the company responds.

Apple has resolved a problem with the iPhone 14 series. Users may not be getting iMessage texts or FaceTime calls, according to the business. To remedy the issue, the business advised consumers to update their devices to the most recent iOS 16 version. Apple previously announced the iPhone 14 series on September 7 at its 'Far Out' launch event.

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