What's new in the WhatsApp beta for Android


 The Google Play Beta Program is now distributing a new update for WhatsApp, bringing the app's version number up to

What has been added in this update? In a future software update, WhatsApp intends to let certain beta testers know about "WhatsApp for tablet"!

Common questionsAnswers
Name of the feature?WhatsApp for tablet
Status?Under development
Availability?WhatsApp is working on bringing the banner to a future update of the app.
I’ve installed this update but I don’t see this banner. Why?This banner is under development so it is not available for beta testers but you can read this article to discover a preview.
Previous news?WhatsApp beta for iOS what’s new? This is a bug fix update that addresses a crash when sending stickers

We mentioned that WhatsApp was launching a version of the companion mode that would allow an Android tablet to be linked to an existing WhatsApp account in the story on the WhatsApp beta for Android upgrade. Finally, WhatsApp on a tablet may be used without a second phone number thanks to the new companion features.

Currently, only a small number of beta testers may access their WhatsApp accounts on tablets, but we learned that WhatsApp plans to launch the WhatsApp for tablet version in the future due to the WhatsApp beta for Android update:

Using a new in-app banner that will appear in a future update of the app, WhatsApp aims to announce "WhatsApp for tablet" by informing users that a version of WhatsApp for tablets is now available for beta testers.

It should be noted that certain beta testers can already connect their accounts to WhatsApp on tablets. To find out if you can use the new version of multi-device, just download WhatsApp beta from the Play Store using your tablet.

You may finally connect your tablet to your current WhatsApp account if you get a QR code screen after starting WhatsApp on your tablet. You will need to wait for a future update if the QR code screen doesn't appear but you must input your phone number to connect into your account instead. This means you cannot link your tablet to your current WhatsApp account.

More people will eventually be able to use WhatsApp on their tablets, and the new in-app banner will appear.

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