Florida-L22 Flash File Stock Firmware for Huawei Y9 2018



    • If you are unable to access your phone, then make use of a PC.
    • Create a folder in the root of your SD Card. (Once you open an SD Card without opening anything).
    • Name the folder.
    • dload
    • Extract the downloaded firmware if needed and you will see a file with .app extension ie update.app.
    • If the downloaded firmware came as update.app, no need for extraction.
    • Copy the update.app to the created dload folder.
    • Now on your phone, Go to
    • Settings >>> Updates
    • Select Local Update.
    • It will automatically bring out the copied update.app firmware.
    • Click on it and it will install the firmware to your phone.
    • Done, Reboot your phone and enjoy it.

    Huawei Y9 2018 FLA-L22 Florida-L22 Flash File Stock Firmware


    Download Link:: Link

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