Apple might be discontinuing its 5W USB power adapter.


Apple's famed 5W charging adaptor is no longer sold in many places and may soon become obsolete.

Apple used to include a charging brick in the packaging of the iPhone before the release of the iPhone 12. However, Apple no longer includes any charging adapters with their products after their release in 2020. For the same price as the 5W model, the business released a 20W fast-charging USB-C converter, although it was sold separately. The 5W USB attachment was still available for purchase in stores, though.

It appears that Apple will eventually phase out the 5W power adaptor before the release of the iPhone 14 next month. The Japanese publication MacOtakara noticed that the 5W charging brick is sold out on Apple’s online store in Japan.

In the US, the 5W Charging Adapter is still readily available.

Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, or China are the only other countries where the charging adapter is not available for purchase. But it's still for sale for $19 in the US, as well as in a few other nations like the UK, Canada, and Brazil.

Despite the prevalence of faster USB chargers, some users continue to utilise the Apple 5W slower converter to prevent excessive battery wear on their smartphones and other peripherals. Using a slower power adapter for charging can extend the life of the batteries even if modern devices are made to tolerate overheating or battery attrition during charging. However, it now appears that Apple has abandoned the sluggish power adaptor.

\Apple’s 5W power adapter isn’t expected to return to stores anytime soon, and its disappearance from more countries is likely to follow. 

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