Spotify now offers a three-month free trial of its premium service.


 According to a recent blog post from the firm, Spotify is increasing the length of its free Premium trial from one month to three months.

One of the most widely used music streaming services is Spotify. It allows customers to stream music for free, although with advertisements, unlike Apple Music. Users can choose to sign up for Spotify Premium to remove advertisements. Spotify offers a free Premium trial to attract customers to sign up for its paying service. Listeners can test out Spotify Premium during this trial time to decide whether or not they wish to subscribe.

As of right now, Spotify is undertaking a new campaign to increase the number of premium subscribers. The free trial period will now last three months instead of just one month, says the firm. The supply is only available for free and first-time users. For those who subscribed to Spotify Premium before, but canceled their subscription before July 15, 2022, the company is offering the Premium plan for a reduced price of $9.99 for three months. 

Apple began Apple Music with a three-month free trial as well, but currently only offers a one-month free trial to new users. After Spotify introduced the new promotion, it will be interesting to watch if the Cupertino behemoth responds. What do you think of Spotify's latest strategies for attracting paying subscribers? Please provide your feedback in the box below.

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