Mark Zuckerberg unveils WhatsApp Communities in the week's WhatsApp news.


 The recent updates to WhatsApp beta for Android, iOS, and desktop are now available for reading if you didn't have time to do so earlier in the week. You can do so now thanks to our summary. The best news of the week is the announcement Mark Zuckerberg made about WhatsApp Communities on Facebook, which was one of the ten features we announced.

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Story about?WhatsApp news of the week
I’ve installed the most recent update of WhatsApp beta for Android, iOS, and Desktop but some of these features are not enabled. Why?Some features may be under development so they are not available to beta testers, or they are rolled out to some users. In both cases, you need to wait for a future update. Read more to discover further details.
News of last week?WhatsApp news of the week: profile photos within group chats on iOS beta!
Previous article?WhatsApp is pushing businesses to connect to Facebook and Instagram to bring in new customers!
  1. The option to create an avatar, a new method to express yourself on WhatsApp, is something we mentioned in the post about the WhatsApp beta for iOS upgrade.
  2. After installing the WhatsApp beta for Android update, the same feature was also made available to a select group of lucky beta testers.
  3. All of WhatsApp's desktop apps, including WhatsApp Web/Desktop (Electron version), WhatsApp for Windows (Universal Windows Platform app), and WhatsApp beta for macOS, are losing the ability to send and open photos and videos once they are sent in order to increase privacy.
  4. Some beta testers are now able to transmit pictures, videos, GIFs, and documents with captions after WhatsApp for iOS was made available on TestFlight.
  5. WhatsApp Communities will soon be available worldwide, according to Mark Zuckerberg! Additionally, WhatsApp is making poll creation and 32-person video calling available to all users. Please wait a few more days to get these features if you do not already have them enabled for your WhatsApp account. The week's best news is as follows:

  6. A new in-app banner on WhatsApp Business beta is encouraging companies to link to Facebook and Instagram to attract new clients.
  7. The iOS beta version of WhatsApp is issuing a bug patch update to remedy a problem that occurred when sending stickers.
  8. In a future release of WhatsApp beta for iOS, the ability to modify messages will be included.
  9. For a future release of WhatsApp beta for Android, a new vanishing messages section is being developed by WhatsApp.
  10. In the future, WhatsApp intends to reveal a version of WhatsApp for Android tablets to some beta testers.
  11. Keep checking back for more WhatsApp updates and news coming next week!

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