Report: YouTube tests a revised progress bar on its Android app to enhance viewing quality.



According to a rumour, YouTube is aiming to enhance the look of its app for Android smartphones and tablets. A more subdued version of the video progress bar than the one that is now visible to users is being tested by the video sharing site. In an effort to provide website visitors a less obtrusive user interface, the bar has apparently only been shown in select Android devices while using the "dark theme" option.

The progress bar appears white or grey while a video is playing on YouTube for Android with the dark theme turned on, according to a 9to5Google report. According to the allegation, the newly designed YouTube progress bar no longer displays the quantity of loaded video. A grey bar next to the red seek bar indicated how much of the movie had already been loaded.

The progress bar returns to its former behaviour after engaging with the scrubber or touching up to make controls visible, aiding in the UI's gradual disappearance.

The red colour continues to show up in the main feed outside of the YouTube video player, indicating that it is still the platform's accent colour. According to the article, the progress bar's colour shift is intended to enhance the viewing experience.

In the meanwhile, YouTube has been experimenting with a queueing mechanism on its iOS and Android applications. This function has been accessible on the web for some time and, under some conditions, is also accessible on the YouTube app.

Both those who use the YouTube Music app and users who operate their Chromecast with their phones might be familiar with it. With the ability to participate in the test, YouTube Premium users may now add videos to a stack that functions like a temporary playlist.

Users will be able to access a new "Play last in queue" button in the three vertical dot menu that displays on video thumbnails once the functionality is activated.

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